Antoine River Kennel

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All my dogs are SCA & PLL clear as of  1/1/2018

All of the  Mom's are smooth coat and short leg .
A true pudding without the bowed front legs all are under 9 in. tall





Jenny is one of two sisters I got from Strawberry Springs Jack Russell. I love her extra short legs and she is very loving and calm. She is SCA & PLL clear. she stands 8 1/2 in. tall on short straight legs.




      **EJRTCA & AKC**

This is Lucy, she is Jenny‚Äôs sister that I got from Strawberry Springs Jack Russell. As you can see she is just as beautiful as her sister. She has a little more spirit and loves to run. She is a tri color she is SCA & PLL clear.  She is about 8 1/2 in. tall on short straight legs. 

I threw in a picture of her with my cats so you can get a ideal of how tiny all my jacks are.



    Is register with
**EJRTCA  &  AKC**

Cuttin up Sadie

Sadie is a sweet-tempered girl. She loves to be to follow us around just in case we need some help or to get a quick rub lol. 

 She stands 8in. on short stout straight legs.



         Is register with 

                  ** EJRTCA **
Bella is a red/white smooth coat,  she is SCA & PLL clear. She stands 8 in. tall on straight short legs. She is sweet & active (she loves to play fetch) she is one of the smallest of my jacks.



 Is AKC, UKC and EJRTCA reg.

This girl is a short and stout with mussels that just pop. Her personally is loving and loyal she is kind and loves to be held never one to pick a fight just loves to play. She, like all of our dogs is SCA and PLL clear so you will have no worries about her puppies having these terrible diseases.